Sunday, October 16, 2011

what they ate: vol 3

My kids have a favorite go-to phrase around here, and it is "I'm hungry". Now, before you call CPS because you think I might not be feeding them enough, give me a chance to explain. Ever since Luciana could speak, the second her eyes would open in the morning she would say, "I'm hungry". I am not joking when I say the second they opened. I think she might have even said it before they opened on one or two occasions. I used to have to sleep with a sandwich bag of dry cheerios she could snack on in the early morning hours so I could get an extra hour of sleep. Yes, this was back when I had one child and twice as much sleep as I get now. Now, Emme, in true follower fashion, utters this phrase at every stagnant moment. It's like her "filler". If it gets too quiet, "Mama, I'm hungry". If she is sitting in one place for more than five minutes, "Mama, I'm hungry". And of course the baby walks right in the kitchen, points at the pantry (where I keep the cookies) and grunts her desires to me. So, I try to keep snacks and meals interesting. And of course, healthy and filling and all that CPS friendly stuff. I find that if they enjoy the meal more, they stay satisfied longer. Not just because they are eating more, but because they are paying attention and it seems to affect their satiety. Go ahead, google it, no one else can see you.

This week I have been a little busy watching Mad Men doing a lot of important tasks around the house so I have two simple meals with the same ingredients. I have been getting into the Halloween spirit around here (no mom, not with seances or Ouija boards), so I decided to make it a Halloween themed lunch.

Meal 1
"Jack O'Lantern Sandwich, Moon Cheese and Pumpkin Chips"

First, let me settle your fears, no the chips aren't made of pumpkin. They are just plain old BBQ flavored potato chips, but calling them pumpkin chips made Emme more excited. I bought a 2 dollar pack of Halloween cookie cutters and Walmart and cut a moon shape out of Colby Jack cheese. I made a regular turkey sandwich and cut the pumpkin shape and then used small pieces of apple and cheese for the eyes, mouth, and nose. She ate it last because she loved looking at it. EASY!

Meal 2
"Scaredy Cat Sandwich, Apple Spears and Pumpkin Chips"

For Roslyn, I made an open faced turkey sandwich because I only give her one piece of bread. I used the scaredy cat cutter. I sliced some apples and spread some of Emme's leftover cheese edges from her moon shape as little decoration around her plate. Just put a few chips and voila, done. This one doesn't have so much of a theme as Emme's but Roslyn is only 1 and to her, I'm Picasso, baby.

So, that is it for this week. If you excuse me I have more important tasks I must attend to. Queue Mad Men!

For more ideas see what they ate: vol 1 and what they ate: vol 2

Also, feel free to share your favorite fun with food site with me because I am always looking out for new ideas!


  1. That is a very articulate way to get the girls to eat very healthy foods.. Great ideal;-)

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