Tuesday, November 22, 2011

third trimester woes

I try not to complain too much, I honestly do. But this is getting out of hand. I'm now 28 weeks pregnant and in my third trimester. I have to say that these third trimester aches and pains are the worst I have experienced so far, after having 3 other babies. Heck, the first trimester morning all day sickness made it sort of awful from the beginning. I was throwing up almost every single day. I did feel better after, but I mean, I couldn't even walk from one room to another without consciously trying to fight back the urge to throw up. And actually going out and doing anything was torture. Grocery shopping was the worst! All the sights, sounds, and smells irritated the life outta me. It was as if I was on sensory overload and had to stop, close my eyes, and put my hand over my mouth just to stay in control. I threw up in the Albertson's bathroom at least three times. I tried Sea Bands, those seemed to give me a headache. I tried sucking on hard candy, but that was only a temporary fix that made me feel slightly more nauseous after. The only thing that truly helped was laying down, particularly on my right side. You can imagine what that did for things on the home front. I didn't want to get up to do anything! I would sometimes let an entire day pass without cleaning one thing. Finally, relief came with the second trimester. I had a new found sense of energy, I was able to do everything I needed. My house got the attention it deserved, my girls realized that mama would get up to chase them if I needed to lay the smack down, and I could get up and make Erik's lunch at 3:45am without feeling like I was going to die. Life was good, for now.

Now imagine weeks pass by with me happily scurrying around and taking care of business. Then, like a dark shadow from clouds passing in front of the sun, my life grew dim. I exaggerate, a bit. My third trimester decided that it was going to remind me why it's so notorious in the first place, you know, why most women grow to loathe the final weeks of pregnancy. I'll keep it short and simple. My stomach feels like it weighs 10 pounds. My pelvis is so sore, I feel like I spent the last four days horseback riding through the hills. When I get up from bed or from sitting in a position for longer than five minutes, I feel like I need a nurse to help me move my legs. The pain is more than I think is necessary. I seem to have a moderate case of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, or SPD (click to read what it is).  I say moderate because I don't feel anything click when I walk and I don't need crutches at this point. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow where I am sure he will confirm my self-diagnosis as well as simultaneously downplay its impact on my well-being. Won't that be fun?

I have roughly 10+ weeks of pregnancy left. I have the feeling that I will go early, as I have with the last two babies. Either way, I have quite a few weeks left and I can barely imagine myself making it through it. I know I will, somehow, but it is not going to be pretty. I see myself paying for a few massages in the next two months. I see my little Roslyn following me around whining because I can't pick her up every time she wants me to. I see crumbs settling in and getting comfortable because vacuuming makes me feel like I just sprinted a marathon the day before because my bones hurt, except that I am still out of breath.

I think I covered the most important points. Like I said, I try not to complain too much, really I do. I do feel better though, documenting my self-inflicted ailments. For now I will just keep on keeping on until the day that this baby is ready to come out and meet us. That is the beautiful light at the end of the tunnel.

And now I leave you with a bit of humor.

Sounds about right.

I think she wants to get hot tea splashed in her face.

We're all thinking it.

Can't blame a girl for trying. 

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  1. Oh I hope it isn't SPD. I had that, and it was AWFUL. I cried walking up stairs, crawled to the bathroom, and getting in out of the car. Love the comics!!

    Ask your doctor for some stretching for you pain. Or a recommendation to a physical therapist so it doesn't get bad!