Sunday, November 27, 2011

pregnancy update: week 29

I know on my last pregnancy related post I promised that I didn't like to complain too much. But if I can't complain here, on my own blog, to you, dear readers, who the heck can I complain too? Nobody else wants to hear it. Besides, pregnancy gives us so many excuses, doesn't it? I think so. You don't want to argue with a pregnant woman.

So, it's week 29 and I'm right in the thick of pregnancy hell. You know, the pregnancy hell that punishes us for all our pregnancy sins. Sins like eating too much, eating too late in the day, eating the wrong foods, doing too much around the house, walking or standing too long, and other sins of the maternal flesh. Even though this is the fourth time I've been through this, I always wait until its too late to repent. Now, I'm suffering the consequences. Pray for me. I am trying to still hold on to the beautiful part of this journey. I feel it most when I lay, alone, and feel the little one moving around. She needs me.

On a more scientific level, I've got another badge to add to my pregnancy sash. I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and after practically begging to see him because I was 30 minutes late (look receptionist, I have more tears behind these soft brown eyes than I know what to do with so don't make me go there), we had an interesting visit. I told him about my concern with SPD, which, as I foretold, he downplayed and told me it was something else. But that's okay, because whether he was right or I was right, there isn't any magic cure or treatment that would relieve my pain anyway. He said we could do a quick ultrasound and urinalysis to rule out infections or kidney stones, and also to check on the little one.

Off we went to the ultrasound room. He started looking around and said there were no kidney stones, but asked if I had been contracting. I answered that I had been, here and there, Braxton Hicks patterns, with nothing painful or consistent. His tone took on a slightly more serious vibe. What is it, I asked. He started showing me the location of my cervix aka 'the way out'. He then went on to show me that my placenta was just right next to it. Since I've read about almost every pregnancy condition under the sun over the last seven years, I immediately equated his concerns with placenta previa. You can read more here but you might scare the crap out if yourself, as most online medical searches tend to do for most people. Basically, there are three different previas that doctors worry about. Complete, partial and low-lying. Mine would be identified as low-lying previa. If the placenta is too close to the birth canal, there are certain risks associated with vaginal delivery such as hemorrhaging which could endanger the life of the mother (hey, that's me) or the baby (yet to be named but quite real I assure you). He went on to say that the baby is also breach, which means her head is at the top of my uterus and her feet are down low, toward the glorious exit. He said it isn't very likely that she'll turn (yes, she's still a she) because now the placenta is in the way. Basically, at this stage of my pregnancy, with these conditions present, I should be aware that a c-section seems imminent. He said we'd follow it closely, I could come back in two weeks, and we would see how it goes. He assured me we would do what's safest. I'm so glad I trust him.

I started reading deeper into everything that has to do with placenta previa. I firmly believe that when it comes to pregnancy, breastfeeding and health in general, education can help keep you mentally prepared. On the other hand, if you don't find a balance between the abundant information available and everything else, you can quickly find yourself becoming a hypochondriac. I like to know, just in case. I did a lot of reading as a lot of first time moms do, before Luciana was born. I read somewhere about preparing yourself for the possibility that your child might not leave the hospital with you, and might require care in the NICU. This actually happened to us. I honestly think that if I didn't read this information and discuss it with her father, neither of us would have handled that stressful situation so well. We knew the facts, we knew the risks, and we were prepared. So that is what I'm doing now, too.

That pretty much sums up my eventful week 29 pregnancy update. All I can do for now is wait until my next appointment and see if anything has changed. I will try to take it as easy as possible all while keeping up with these 3 girls and this house. We will see how that goes.

Does anyone have any experience with placenta previa? I would love to hear your stories!


  1. I think my sister in law went through something like that. With all her pregnacys (5). I'll ask.

  2. I hope everything turns out well for you and I love your blog.

    I found you on MBC
    :) Hope that you will follow as well