Thursday, November 3, 2011

...coming soon to pink...

I'm loving the whole blogging gig. Sure, I might not be making cash from it, but it has already opened up some doors for me and I have already gotten some very cool opportunities that show me the future only gets brighter from here. I have some fun stuff coming up so I thought I'd share. Maybe this list will help me to remember everything too, because this pregnancy brain has me living in a fog most of the time!

• MegaBloks MommyParty - 11/18

• Pregnancy 2.0 MommyParty - TBD

• Learning Link Technologies   Giveaway valued at $600

• DIY Holiday Season Series

These things have me so excited. In the next few weeks I'll be looking for attendees for my Pregnancy 2.0 MommyParty where I'll have some awesome products from Britax and BabyPlus with something very cool to give away from them! I will also be starting my review for a breakthrough educational product from Learning Link Technologies where I will able able to give one away to a reader, and I'll be unveiling our radical Christmas plans and subsequently starting a cool, yet totally doable, DIY holiday gift series for anyone interested. I might even throw in a few giveaways for those items too!

I have been really busy with holidays, party planning and just the general mom duties so I was kind of lagging on the frequency of my posts but stay tuned because the next few months should be fun and you might be able to win something for yourself!

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