Wednesday, November 16, 2011

party time!

I keep adding more things to my plate week after week, but I just can't help but take up some of these opportunities. As I've mentioned before, I was selected to host a MommyParty. The first one will be the Mega Bloks party coming up this weekend (still have room for about 2 kids). I have also been selected for two more which will take place over the next few weeks as well. If you live in Bakersfield and are interested in participating, you can let me know by commenting on my facebook page or here in the comment section. So, why would you want to attend these parties? What exactly are they? Well, these parties offer an opportunity for you to learn more about a few exciting brands, take part in some cool activities for you or your children, walk away with your own free products, coupons, and the opportunity to take part in the giveaways that each individual party will have. All it costs you is a little time. I hold these parties at my house, with no more than 10 people, so it is a relaxed atmosphere. You will not be asked to buy anything. These are the details of the upcoming parties, which I need people for:

  • MommyParty sponsored by Mega Bloks - I can still fit in one or two more pre-school aged children (have not yet started Kindergarten but older than 1 year). The kids will be invited to play with a new Mega Bloks set and will also be invited to join in a giveaway for an awesome prize!
 A few of the toys we will be playing with.

One lucky participant will win a 52 - piece Rescue Center from Mega Bloks!

  • MommyParty sponsored by Pregnancy 2.0 - I will have products from companies like Britax, BabyPlus, and more. This party is open to expectant moms and new moms *baby under 9 months.  
 Some of the awesome products for the party.

  • MommyParty sponsored by Oral-B Stages - This will be a Playdate Movie Event for children. Attendees will be invited to a home viewing of the new Winnie the Pooh movie. We will have snacks and activities for the kids, and attendees will go home with some free new Oral-B Stages products and information, and a new product from the Disney baby care line. This party is open to moms with children ages 4 months to 4 years old
 Oral-B and Disney products for everyone!

This is a "Mommy" party, but Dads are more than welcome to attend as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am very, very excited to host these parties and I hope to make you all happy with some free products from these great companies!

See earlier post about Mega Bloks party here.


  1. I wanna attend thee festivities! :)

  2. I'd be happy to have you and Maverick join us! I'll email you via facebook!

  3. I'm sponsoring an Oral B Party too! Can't wait!