she writes


the tall one. she walks ahead, scared of nothing. i fear everything for her. i call to her, she ignores. so brave. she makes me feel weak because i cannot keep her by my side forever, or even now.

the middle girl. she clings. scared of things she has never seen. i’m so scared, mama. don’t be scared my angel, no one will hurt you here. they are just masks, my love. why, mama? they just want to have fun like you, baby. just have fun. daddy is coming.

the small quiet observer. a look of familiar solemnity on her face. what are they doing? her moving feet speak. i want to try too, they say. go ahead, baby girl. mama will hold your hand. daddy will carry you.

i just walk. mostly quiet. watching these little costumed creatures. a tragic but beautiful perspective of the beings i have created. the night ends with more memories for the mind. another fraction of time, spent, lived, gone.

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