Saturday, December 10, 2011

some eye candy and my pick for UFC 140

With all this talk of "defining our own girlhood", I thought I'd take a step in that direction and talk about one of my favorite sports. Ok, it is my favorite sport. First, let me preface the details by saying I'm really not much of a sports person. I always see tons of people on Facebook talking about football this time of  year, but I can't say I'm a fan. I know some people wouldn't be surprised, but there are a lot of ladies out there who really get into it, and mostly with their guys. That's cool. I think it just gives couples another way to bond. And then for some, it's during basketball season, and yes, I know, not always just because of a guy. For me, I'm pretty glad I met a guy who isn't crazy about sports. I've also heard a lot of women complain about how sports crazy some guys are. Mine isn't. But trust me, he is as manly as they come. He played some sports growing up, and he is overall an athletic type. Before these little girls of ours took over his life and subsequently, his spare time, he used to be a gym rat. So, I've made my case, he's manly. But again, I'm glad that he isn't sports crazy, mostly because I'm not. I'd hate to have to sacrifice so many days to a sport I have no interest in. There is one sport he's really into, and I just so happen to love it, too. UFC fighting!
If you don't know what that is, you can learn about it here. Sure, I know, it's a brutal sport. Yes, these guys beat the crap out of each other. But I love it. I grew up with a family who loved boxing and basketball. I think my love for UFC comes from my exposure to boxing. It's just fun. BUT, I will say, I cannot stand people who fight outside of the sport. I have no tolerance for fighting, and I think it's ridiculous when two people try to solve some problem that way. But for sport, I dig it.

Tonight we are going to go see UFC 140: Jones vs Machida at a friend's house. I'm excited. We are rooting for Jones, all the way. I still remember the first time I saw UFC on tv. I had just started dating Erik, and he had mentioned that he was watching it at one time or another. One night I was channel surfing while visiting my mom, and stumbled upon a UFC's Greatest Knockouts cable program. My mom and I watched it, and suddenly we were hooked. We watched the entire show, and I realized quickly why he liked it. It was good entertainment. Now, its something we enjoy together, but also something I know I'd still carry an interest in anyway.

To commemorate my outing tonight and to broaden your horizons, I thought I'd share this post and a little list I compiled. I thought I'd relate it back to something the ladies can appreciate (for once, right?). I compiled a list of some of the best looking UFC fighters. I don't know them all, but I've seen a lot, and I found some of the best. It was kind of hard to pick these guys though, I've gotta admit. First, because I just so happen to live with one of the best looking men I've ever known and most people pale in comparison to him. Secondly, because I have seen what these guys look like AFTER their fights. It ain't pretty. And their ears, don't get me started on their ears. But, I'm also one of those people who see beauty in everything, and I've been told I tend to see the beauty very easily in people. Maybe they were trying to say I'm superficial, but I don't think so. I think everyone looks beautiful in some way, so let's just say that guided me into creating this list. One last disclaimer. I can't stress enough how hard this list was to create. I always say there are pretty girls everywhere, they are like a dime a dozen, but a beautiful man who doesn't destroy it with his character or personality is so very rare. So, enjoy.

#8 - Anthony Pettis -He's kind of pretty, isn't he? I think I put him last because I'm not really into "pretty" guys, but he's not a bad looking kid. I think he's prettier than me though, and that bothers me a bit.

 #7 - Jake Shields - He's cute. He had some bad pics to sort through (don't we all), but this one is a good one. He is cute in that Ben Affleck sort of way. Whatever that is.

#6 - Urijah Faber - Here's a California boy. Looks like the typical beach guy with the sun kissed hair. At least I'm hoping those aren't highlights, or he'd be off the list for sure.

#5 - Carlos Condit - After looking at a few of his pics, he reminds me of one of those down to earth guys that comes across as adorable. Most good looking guys I've known think they are God's gift to womankind, but this guy reminds me of one of those humble dudes who ends up being dreamy.

#4 - Georges St. Pierre - Even though my guy doesn't really like him, I thought I'd add him to the list. I don't think I'd necessarily see this man as attractive if I knew him in real life, but for some reason, I think most women who watch UFC probably would. You're welcome.

#3 - Jon Jones - This is a great picture of him. I think I judged these guys on their best pictures more than anything, because I've seen him fight before and never once did I think he was attractive. In fact, only my #1 pick actually caught my eye. He is fighting tonight, and I am sure after the fight he will not look this smooth.

#2 - Mauricio "Shogun" Rua - Again, great pic. These guys had a lot of terrible pictures, and not just the ones with their faces beat in. This is a great pic of Shogun though.

#1 - Roger Huerta - The first time I saw him fight, I just happened to be watching a UFC rerun on Spike TV. I had to google him. Although he is probably one of those guys who knows how cute he is and acts like a jerk (sorry if you're not a jerk, Roger), he is #1. I think that's all I have to say. He's #1. Just wanted to say it again. Oh, and he gets 3 pictures.

Well, there you have it, my choices. Of course this list is purely arbitrary. I am sure I missed someone and I am sure that if I were to browse more pics, I might just throw this list out of the window, because no one looks good with their faces beat in. Did I miss any of your favorites? Who is your #1 on this list?


  1. Explaining to hubs why I am sitting here looking at shirtless guys. LOL enjoyed your post ;-p
    marie from howard house

  2. No 1's doing it for me :-), thanks for the pics xx

  3. @marie - it's all part of the job ;)

    @beck valley books - I can't win em all! Thanks for visiting though. :)

  4. Mashida is also very handsome, now that Huerta shaved his head...