Saturday, December 17, 2011

all things baby: the vaccine book review and giveaway

Gone are the days when all parents stick to the norm and do as they are told when it comes to their children. Some still do, but nowadays lots of parents are interested in knowing as much as they can and making informed decisions when it comes to their children. I discussed this in a previous post of mine: What Every New Parent Should Know. Statistically, this is my most viewed post on this site. What this tells me is that a majority of people who have come across this humble blog of mine are hungry for information when it comes to their children. This is awesome news. In an effort to keep the momentum going, I decided to review The Vaccine Book, written by one of the most respected and well-known pediatricians, perhaps ever, Dr. Robert Sears. In addition to offering a review, I am giving away a new copy to one lucky reader as part of my All Things Baby Event. Even if you don't win the giveaway, I encourage everyone to research the topic of vaccines and vaccine safety because there is a wealth of information available.

My review:
The most positive thing I have to say about this book is that the doctor clearly states his intention of writing such an important and well-researched book. Yes, he is a doctor, so many would believe that his bias rests with pro-vaccine groups. But this book isn't meant to serve as a pro vs anti-vaccine group media. Instead, it is meant to offer clear information that many parents are eager to know before they even make the decision of being pro or anti-vaccines. What more can we ask for as parents?

The book includes the vaccine schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and many other references. The first twelve chapters covers each of the 12 vaccines currently being recommended. Each vaccine is covered in detail, as far as a definition, how common it is, when it is given, how it is made, the ingredients and any controversial concerns with them, possible side effects, and common reasons for giving and/or not giving the vaccine to your children. He discusses available options for each vaccine, in detail, and gives his personal opinion on each disease and his experience, if any, in his practice of medicine. There is a lot of information to consider for each vaccine and each disease, and I was pleasantly surprised that there were so many details and options to consider.

The additional chapters discuss combination vaccines, travel vaccines, other special situations, and even adult vaccines. There are comprehensive chapters on vaccine safety research, side effects, the available research on vaccines and autism, more information on ingredients, alternative vaccine schedules, and there is even additional information regarding vaccines in Canada.

This book offers so much information in one place, and is a great start to your own personal research if you are interested in doing any. Personally, I am. If any of you are interested in doing the same, check this book out. Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway for your chance at a free copy.

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