Friday, November 11, 2011

funny friday

Veteran's day. I know quite a few so I guess the polite thing to do is to say "Happy Veteran's Day" or "Thank You". Hopefully, if you served, your experience was a positive one. I will always be an extreme idealist and wish we lived in a world where the military was not needed.

I have been running around the house like a wild child today. My nephew is visiting and that means an extra couch jumper, sippy cup to fill, diaper to change, and heathen to yell at child to love on. Something interesting I realized was that if you have to yell from the kitchen for a 2 yr old and a 3 yrd old to be quiet every 2 minutes because the baby is finally napping, you are probably contributing a whole lot more noise to the environment. Just let it go.

The weather almost got me feeling gloomy but I shall fight til the death. In light of my uncharacteristically optimistic outlook on today, I thought I'd post some funny pics from around the web. I actually found them on Pinterest which makes browsing anything so much easier. I hope they can bring at least a partial smile to your face.

 I have to refrain from scaring the hell out of my children with the truth about life sometimes. This reminded me of that.

 Looks like another one has a case of the children.

 I am a grammar geek even though I still make mistakes. This is one I refuse to make. 

 Enough said. 

 Dedicated to the one I love. 

 This is funny. For my pregnant peeps.

Real life lessons from Star Wars.

I hope everyone (including me) has a great Friday and a great weekend!