Saturday, October 1, 2011

things i'm doing this weekend

Come on, you care. First off, I had a good Friday night. Had some takeout food (no cooking or cleaning, yay!), played a nice little family game (I dominated), and had a chance to watch a chick-flick with my sweetheart, Roslyn, tucked under my wing while everyone else was sleeping soundly. Also, I tweeted the funniest tweet I'll probably ever tweet (say that 10 times fast). I've been feeling so productive lately, so I thought I'd keep up the self-motivation with a little list building exercise. If I post it here, it feels more concrete, you know. So, here goes. Today:
 On Sunday:
  • Sleep in til at least 7am
  • Eat donuts (plural)
  • Complete thrift store frame project and blog about it
Of course I'm going to try to do these things while my house stays clean, my kids stay somewhat stink-free, Erik stays full and well-rested for another week of hard work, and I stay in the best mood possible. You know what they say, Aim High!

See, I won!

Sounds like a good weekend to me. Anyone else doing anything fun or exciting this weekend?


  1. My Mom use to play that game, I remember the big potlucks we use to have and see who would bring the most food also remember her sewing watching her with her glasses at the tip of her nose and asking me to try on what she sewed ..
    such great memories... ;-) the Girls are so very lucky to have you.. great mom and wife. I may take up a sewing class I always was interested in that .. Thank's;-)

  2. Those are really special memories. I hope my daughters have the same kind when they're older.
    Thank you for the compliments. :) The lady I use for my sewing class is AWESOME! They have group classes too...after you get familiar we could always try something together.