Monday, October 24, 2011

more pink...

There are quite a few topics I've been wanting to write about lately but now that I've gotten some free time there is one thing I can't put off any longer!

We are having another baby! And to top it off, we just found out we are having another girl! I'm laughing out loud right now, because yes, that means girl #4. She is due February 15th, which also means that I'm already 6 months (24 weeks!). I have been anxiously awaiting the freedom to talk about this on my blog and even in just my regular facebook updates because I always have a lot to say about everything, right? And now, I can finally share the news.

Here's the backstory: I've been nursing Roslyn so I didn't know I was pregnant until I was already over two months. Then, I waited until I went to the doctor to confirm everything was going as it should and with appointment waiting time that took almost another month by itself. We told most of our family and friends within the next month or so, but we were waiting on one final reveal before we made it 100% public. Not that I could hide it out in public (I'm showing quite a lot already), but we were waiting to tell Erik's mom in person. She had been planning her move back from Florida for the past three months and getting her affairs in order, so we just kept waiting and waiting. Well, she finally moved back last Friday and we were able to tell her. Erik went to pick her up from the airport and when he got back, he walked her into to the living room and told her we had a surprise for her. Then, I lifted my blanket and he told her we were having another. She definitely had a surprised reaction but it was a mix of surprise and excitement.

Now, I'll be able to share all my pregnancy glory with everyone. Like the fact that I cry over everything, even just really touching commercials, or that all I want to do is eat, eat, eat. You know, the good stuff.

We are really excited to have another little girl join our family. We love the idea of a big family, because not only do these kids fill our lives with love like we could never have imagined, but because when we are older, we will have many more family members to love and join our lives. So now, we sit back and wait for her to come and we can't wait to see who she is and how she fits into our family. She is already loved by her sisters, who are all so glad she is a girl. We will have to wait until she is born to see how Roslyn takes it, but she LOVES babies and I know this baby will be no exception.


  1. Congrats! Four girls... poor daddy is quite out numbered!

  2. YAY. I am having #4 as well and I know so many ppl who have just had or are having #4!!! I so wish I lived in Bako so we could hang out with our hoard of kids! :) CONGRATS! what are the ages of your older 3?

  3. Yes, Daddy is outnumbered!

    My other three are 1, 3, and 7. I know, it would be funny to see all the kids together in one room. :) Congrats again on your new addition too :)