Wednesday, October 12, 2011

'tis my season

I love Halloween time! It marks the first holiday of fall and means that my other favorite holidays are close by. Of course, my kids love seeing all of the cool decorations and deciding what costume they want to try this year is a lot of fun.

We started decorating a little this past week. I am ready to add more and more as the weeks go on though. I can already feel Erik rolling his eyes, but I can't apologize for wanting this holiday to be fun, fun, fun! But, I am also excited at the idea of building up our decoration arsenal each year for these fun holidays. I usually buy most things at the 99 cent store if I can. I will splurge here and there for something cool from Target or Walmart though. When I'm all done with our decorating, I'll share some pics of our creations. For now, I'm still browsing the web for cool DIY crafts that the kids can help with. I added a bunch to my "Halloweenie" board over at Pinterest, so feel free to take a look. Here are a few snapshots of the crafts I recently added to my new board obsession.

Happy Decorating!

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