Saturday, October 8, 2011

kind of a funny story

So, my loving man decided to cook dinner for our family the other day. Hamburger Helper, yay! Luci's favorite. In exchange, I ran to the store for his evening refreshment. On the way there, I was in a light and jovial mood. Until...I drove up to a bunch of children playing in the street. There were four of them, age range of 5 - 12 or so. They were playing jump rope in the middle of the street. I would always expect any driver who approaches kids playing in the street to slow to a crawl. First, for obvious safety reasons, and also almost just out of respect for their parents. I wouldn't want anyone driving by my children who might impulsively run after something or decide to cross the street at the last minute. Well, I smiled at the kids as I inched by. It seems I had to inch closer for them to keep moving, almost like they were playing chicken with me. I looked at the oldest, a girl, who then yelled at me like a deranged banshee, "HURRY UP!!!" Wow. The little girl was so mean and I just made the weirdest, most confused face and in fact, did kind of hurry so they could continue this game, which was obviously more pressing than the safety of the little ones who hovered nearby. After her battle cry, another little girl about  7 or 8 decided to flee after my car waving her arms like a spider monkey and shouted some incoherent audibles. I was flabbergasted, if ever a person could be. I automatically thought of telling their parents, but that's just the mother my mother in me. I just drove off, dazed from the encounter.
I guess some of us forget to teach our children how to act in certain situations and how they should be respectful to people. It is sad when a child screams at an adult for no good reason. I don't know what's worse, that or the fact that I drove another route on the way back because the little girl scared me. Yikes.


  1. Yes I would of done the same thing, I know I would of spoke with there parents... I feel sorry for kids like this it's the parents fault...

  2. Some people's kids scare me too but if kids are doing things that are dangerous, it's best to tell the parents (if you know who they are). What brats!!

  3. Ladies- If I knew who they were or lived in my neighborhood I might. But I don't know, I am also one of those people who avoids confrontation (obviously, since I went around on the way back!).