Monday, July 23, 2012

sweet monday

We are having a very simple day today. Emme found her way to our bed again during the night, so she was there to wake the baby up a little early. I opened my eyes and she had picked a game for the baby to play on the iPad. I couldn't help but offer some praise about how sweet of a sister she is.

We did our first day of circle time after lunch. We did a few fingerplay songs, and I told them the most wonderfully received story off the top of my head about some fairies, and they were delighted. So delighted in fact, that I have already typed it out so I never forget it.

All three girls are sleeping, and I'm sitting here thinking of my oldest baby, off to her first solo adventure at a summer camp! I can't believe my little (Big) baby is off all on her own with this group of people. I am sure she is doing fine, and enjoying herself but I miss her. I tucked in her suitcase a little pack of letters. Each one is marked with a number, like 1 for day 1, 2 for day 2, etc. The letters are funny little reminders about hygiene, manners and of course about all the fun she's having and how much she's missed. Every day there is a special part of the letter that tells her what I miss most about her. I hope she enjoys them.

Hope everyone has a good day and a great week. I'll be keeping cool inside so I don't melt in a puddle of mama. Adios!

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