Wednesday, July 25, 2012

random rebellion

I have been meaning to post more often but with the time I have to write, I feel like I don't have anything to say. Maybe that's where the whole "Wordless Wednesday" theme came from. The midweek mental fog has me doing nothing productive so far today. (Don't tell Erik, please). Don't worry, before he comes home I"ll do my own personal housecleaning version of the old Supermarket Sweep show. And besides, I do all my "deep" cleaning on Thursdays because those are Erik's fridays and who wants to start their weekend in an unkempt house? Well, the entire cast of Hoarders maybe, but not this lady.

I'm literally grooving as I type to "Party Rock" a la the Chipmunks thanks to Emme's musical tastes. I wonder if my kids will ever choose to listen to classical music like we wish they would. I guess it could be worse, at least they don't cry when I force them to listen to NPR every single car ride. "Be quiet! I'm listening to MY radio show", I say with all the adult power I always dreamed of having. I wonder what they will make their kids listen to. Lady Gaga's greatest hits? Please, no! Poor grandbabies. I can hear them protesting already. Little rebels.

Here is some random advice that you may or may not find useful one day: The day after a grocery shopping trip is probably not the best day to be completely inspired (for the 9th time) to join the Food Revolution! (Jamie Oliver, be my bff). Viva fresh and whole foods! Viva! Darn, now I have to eat most of the crap I bought. How did I get here I wonder? I never saw myself buying so many frozen and boxed foods! The weirdest part? I usually don't even eat them! It's like I hoard them or something. Great, another thing to hoard- add that to the used books that harbor an insane amount of dust and the huge bin of craft supplies I may never use. Have I even crafted anything this year? Geeze. I craft children, yeah that's what I do. Any way, I know why I buy what I buy- because these grocery stores suck! Albertson's has one little sad darkened "organic and ethnic" aisle. And yes, that's how you spell aisle, take a mental note. That sad little aisle has some slight variety but it's nothing after you've had the chance to shop at a Whole Foods store. And now my main grocery store is Walmart. Walmart!!! For you bourgeoisie it's like going from caviar to ramen. Or from fine cuban cigars to quarter cigarettes (if you're from the streets). You catch my drift. I'd rather starve most days. But what do I do instead? I look in the refrigerator, the freezer, in my cabinets and see NOTHING that I want to prepare or eat. So, I order out. Gah! So, this isn't everyday but it was yesterday. I did order a salad, but still. At least my kids eat healthy, I will have to say that is one thing I will not compromise. I just often finding myself craving something different than I have had the courage to prepare for the family. They are so picky, but that's a whole other post in itself. I guess I have to make three grocery shopping trips a week out to Trader Joe's to try and get something worth eating. For me, someone who is supposed to cook every day, often multiple times a day- I need variety, inspiration, and resources. I need to move to a more happening city. Although, a true revolutionary would hit the streets and try to affect change here where it's needed. Maybe one day. Right now I'm too lethargic from the junk I've been eating!


  1. your writing is fantastic! I'm on a mission as well, to get our family to eat the SAME meal every night at dinner. It's totally hit and miss at this point, but slowly, we're getting there. Having one kid who is a fruit/veggie lover and the other a meat/dairy lover doesn't exactly help. Isn't Trader Joe's the best?

  2. Thanks, Tara. I started reading your blog yesterday :). Yeah, trader joes is pretty great, it just sucks bc it's on the complete opposite side of town from me. And right now we only have car so most days I don't even have one. But yes, my kids are like that too! One is all meat, the other will eat anything, the oldest is now the most picky...and their preferences change on a daily basis, I swear!