Thursday, May 17, 2012

happy thursday

I stayed up a little later than usual, surfing pinterest. For every 5 DIY pins I make, I should be required to create at least one. For a site that is used to inspire and motivate, it sure makes me feel like I get LESS done because I spend my time looking at what everyone else wants to do. Time sucker! I was tired this morning, but #2 decided that our day should start a little before 630am. Or was it #1? I don't know. Their shadows look the same when I ease out of my slumber. Despite my extreme fatigue, I remembered my promise the night before- and I started mentally planning our outdoor breakfast picnic. Mentally planning for me is the same as just doing, because I like to know exactly what I am going to do before I start. Yes, that is what I tell myself. Then I pulled myself out of bed and created a sweet little picnic for my babies. They loved every second. While I was getting everything ready, I promised myself I wouldn't stress over the mess and enjoy watching them be happy. It was perfect.

On the menu:
mini-pancakes w/ butter and a sprinkling of powdered sugar
wheat toast w/ butter and grape jelly
scrambled eggs w/ herbs de provence
fresh blackberries
blueberry mini-muffins
orange juice
tropical island frozen smoothies

 Roslyn could barely contain herself while I snapped a few pics, so sissy helped. 

Who needs syrup?

 I told you there was reason to hoard the milk jars. 

 Look mama, my cute little pancake. Take a picture!

 These....are delicious!

A little morning magic.

What a great start to another beautiful day with my little birdies. We even had time to do a little outdoor sketching. They all helped me pick up, and I had everything clean in 15 minutes. (Yay!)

They were all grateful, but Emme is known around these parts as being precociously adept at conveying the most genuine sentiments. It's the genuine sounding words that she speaks from her heart that catch me off-guard sometimes, even though it happens every day. 

"Thank you so much mama, I appreciate it!" She's 3 1/2, but she's been like that since she could speak. 

I can't wait til our next picnic. It'll have to be a nice dinner. :)

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