Wednesday, June 2, 2010


      Alas, summer has come and spring is slowly melting away. Hopefully, we still have a way to go before we get up into the triple digits, but as we all know, living here in Bakersfield- that scorching summer heat is inevitable. Luciana will be six years old (yikes!) this month and like most kids her age, one of the frequently used vocabulary words she picked up this past school year is the word "bored". Luckily for me, she hasn't used the word very often around here- perhaps because her little sister is always anxiously willing to play. My sharp foresight tells me however, that this summer might be different. Luciana is used to activity. Her school year weekdays almost always adhere to the same routine: Wake up/Shower- 7:00am, Morning ritual (dressing, eating) and out of the door by 7:45am, School from 8-1pm, dinner around 5:30/6:30pm then all ready for story by 7:30 and sleep (hopefully by 8pm). This summer will be markedly different. While I have chosen to do a "practice run" of homeschooling this summer, she will be here in the house with me and Emme every weekday. I do have an entertaining sense of humor, but I am no match for the internal desire she will no doubt feel for the new and exciting, the fresh and spectacular! She loves to learn, loves to experience new things and wouldn't be content crashing out in front of the tv for more than an hour before she starts to beg for snacks to fill the entertainment void. So, long story short (oh, too late) this summer I have decided that while I do expect her to buckle down and get a head start on first grade, I am going to keep her engaged in the world outside of our humble abode. I found an awesome list of Summer activities for all ages on the Californian's site which offer almost too many options, at least for my indecisive nature! If anyone has a child around her age and is interested in any of the groups, let me know- so maybe we can sign our children up together so we know they have a buddy! A few of the list's honorable mentions for me include:
  • The Spotlight School of Art - Summer Stock Program: For children ages 5-18
  • Bakersfield Museum of Art - -Experience Art 2009: For children ages 6 to 12:
  • CSUB Extended University Roadrunner Reading Camp
  • And if I were rich: Jameson Ranch Summer Camp

Here is the link to the full article- Enjoy the Summer! Click here - Don't let those young brains go to waste!

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