Monday, December 17, 2012

Softness Worth Sharing

This time of year brings with it old traditions and new memories. Sometimes these come along with the holidays and sometimes they are the less obvious opportunities for tradition. Like most people with children, every winter brings one or more periods of time that everyone gets sick. When one child gets sick, the rest soon follow. We do all we can to prevent these illnesses, but somehow the germs always find their way in. One of my go-to methods for treating my children when they come down with colds or the flu is with my mom's recipe for homemade chicken soup. She used to make it for me when I was younger (now my dad does) when I got sick, and now I make it for my own family. Another wonderful memory I have comes from my father. Whenever I got sick, he would make a comfy resting place for me on the couch. He'd make sure I had the remote in hand or a favorite movie playing, and he'd bring me a little TV tray and set it up in front of me. On the TV tray he'd bring me a drink, maybe a snack, and always some Kleenex for my sniffles. Again, this is something I do for my kids. I always keep an extra box of Kleenex in stock for unexpected illnesses and for allergies. Our family favorite is the kind with aloe. Kleenex has a nice opportunity to share some comfort with your loved ones in a simple way. You can visit their site and send a Kleenex Share Pack. Try it out!

I hope everyone has an illness free holiday season!

This post is compensated and in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Kleenex.


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